Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This year for Valentine’s Day my class was involved in collecting & delivering Lolligrams. Oh my word did we have TONS of lolligrams in my ROOM! They were EVERYWHERE!!!!
Lolligrams were a fundraiser for a young boy in our school who has cancer. Lolligrams were a huge success. We collected & delivered over 1,200 Lolligrams. Lolligrams are Valentine’s cards that have a lollipop attached that were hand-delivered by student’s from my class & our third grade reading buddies as well as our included friends from the K-1 class. This was such a fun project & the student’s had such a great time making the deliveries. They were so happy to be delivering these Valentine’s, but most importantly, they were so excited to be delivering something that was benefitting a fellow friend in school. The fundraiser was a success. We raised almost $700.00 for our friend. It is such a great feeling to help out & to know that such a small thing we did could go such a long way. I am going to post the forms that we used for the fundraiser up on my TPT site for free, in case anyone would like to do such a thing at their school. I would post them here, but can’t get my stuff to post on google docs for some reason. I’ve included some pictures of how the room looked before we delivered the 1,200 lolligrams & some pictures of the student’s making the deliveries. 
Click above for all the free information in regard to the lolligrams. I sure do hope you find it useful!                                                                                          


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