Sunday, September 25, 2011



About Me

My name is Katy Pettit. I have been teaching for 23 years now! I really can’t believe I just wrote that! It is hard to believe I’ve been teaching for that long now! I taught mostly first grade for my whole career. Then 7 years ago I began a position as literacy coach and left the classroom. I LOVED it! However, as much as I was in a classroom, different grades, different classrooms everyday, it was really quite different than having your own group of kiddies everyday! During my years as coach, the one grade that I truly fell in love with & looked forward to the most in working with was Kindergarten. So, low & behold, this year I got the opportunity to teach Kindergarten & I am LOVING every minute of it! It was just meant to be!
Outside of school, I am a wife to the UPS man, LOVE my man in brown. I have two wonderful kids. My son, he is 20, he is my miracle & I thank god everyday that he is still with us. Four weeks before his HS graduation he was critically injured in an accident, suffered a traumatic head injury & was in a coma for 9 long, agonizing days! He is still recovering, but he is with us & that is all that matters!!! My daughter, she is 17, is a Junior in HS! She is witty, beautiful & loves to give me gray hairs & our life is complete b/c of her! We also have a pup name Brandy, she is JUG-which is a pug/jack-russell mix and I love her to pieces! She makes me smile and laugh every single day!
I love to run-I run in 5k races, I have trained 3x’s to run a half marathon & NEVER gotten to run the race, crazy, I know! BUT-I will get to run them one of these days! I run before work or after & it is such a great way to get rid of the stress of the day! I love to read, I love my KINDLE, can’t live without it. I LOVE my computer, I am now addicted to pinterest, blogs, Hershey’s mini-chocolate bars, the beach, camping (on the beach), winter, snow, snowmen, anything Yankee candle, crafts, rubberstamping, shopping (SHHH, don’t tell my husband), Vera Bradley, flip flops, warm cozy socks for those long cold nights, my ugg slippers & last, but not least raspberry tea & diet coke!
Well...I think that is more than enough about me!