Saturday, January 28, 2012

Giveaway & Snowmen

One of the blogs I enjoy catching up with & reading is having a giveaway for an adorable tumbler personalized with your name. She has teamed up with K & K designs. So run, don't walk on over to their FB pages & their blogs. Like their FB page
& leave a comment on their blogs to be entered to win. It is really an easy way to win a great prize! 
I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday. I'm laying on the coach catching up on all of my favorite blogs as I came home early yesterday from school with pneumonia, it is a lousy way to get to lay on the coach all weekend! Lots of my little kiddies have been sick so I guess they shared with their teacher, it is one of the hazards of teaching! Lol…In the spirit of giving, I am sharing one of the activities we did this week. We made some cute snowmen after we built our very own snowman outside in the snow that was left over from the snowfall last weekend. Our snow did not last very long as it warmed up two days later, it then rained & good-bye snowman & snow! My class was so excited to make our first snowman & they were quite sad when he was all gone the next day. So, we read the book, Snow Dance & we are hoping that our wishing & our very own dancing will bring back some snow before the snow season is over! We also wrote our own How To books on making a snowman. It was a snow filled week! So since I'm new, I am uploading some pictures of our snowman, our snowpeople & the template to the How-To Make a Snowman book!
Go here:

to get your snowman how to page. I was not able to upload it here, but it is free when you click on this link. Hope you like it! It is my  first post to my Teachers Pay Teachers site!


Monday, January 16, 2012


I've been blogging for awhile now, I had two different blogs, one blog for my grad class I teach & the other one was for when I was a Literacy Coach. This is now a new adventure for me. I stumbled upon all of these amazing blogs when I was looking for ideas for my Kindergarten class. I quickly became a blog stalker, I could not get enough of the blogs out there, one thing led to another, I then found Teachers Pay Teachers which then led me to Pinterest. OH MY WORD, new addiction! I quickly found myself on my computer pinning EVERYTHING I could find related to things related to school, projects, etc. So I decided since I was learning so many wonderful things from all of you, it was time to jump in and share. I have been teaching at the college level
as an adjunct for 8 years now, been providing in-service for 15 years & I thought if I can give back even half of what I have learned, then that would be great. So here it goes, my first post on my new blog! So I hope you are all off today on this Monday. Tomorrow it is back to the crazy, busy times of the classroom!

Happy Monday to you all,